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Wilse, Inc

How It Started

Located in Dayton, Ohio, the Wilse Inc. family of businesses has served since 1969 as the Midwest’s premier technical and service leaders in the metals industry.

Under new ownership, Wilse Inc. has rebranded with our customers as the pinnacle of all our operations. Comprised of Quality Steels Corp, Metallurgical Services Inc., Metallurgical Lab, and Dayton Metal Finishing, here at Wilse Inc., we understand the importance of offering exceptional quality, competitive pricing, quick delivery, and unmatched customer service.

With a team of experts behind all we do, we stand by our promise of absolute customer satisfaction. We provide steel and other metals, heat treating, lab testing, black oxide, and more!

Metal Services by Wilse Inc. - Dayton, OH

Continues to Grow

 In 1980, Dayton Metal Finishing was established on the property of Quality Steels Corp. This newest company, a metal finishing company, finally fulfilled the dream of becoming a “one-stop” steel supply company. 

Over the years, as the customer base grew to include companies with the auto industry, aircraft, and military customers, the need arose for testing and certifications on steel products produced both locally and nationally. To fill this need, Metallurgical and Environmental Testing Laboratories (M.E.T. Lab) was created in 1987; and at last, the company was complete.

Metal processing and sales from Wilse Inc. - Dayton, OH

Wilse, Inc.

Over the years, there have been many changes. 

Under new leadership, the company continues to experience strong and solid growth and finds itself strategically positioned to fill the varied needs of its customers. During the economic downturn of 2008/2009, the company was able to take advantage of the slower markets to incorporate some diversity in its own business by expanding its own product lines to include stainless steel, aluminum, and more. The sales teams are listening to the customer needs and have developed an expanded quote system and streamlined delivery schedule for all of its customers, no matter how large or small.

Looking to the future, there are more changes to come as we move to accommodate the expansions expected in the Tool & Die and Aerospace Industries.

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